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Fiber Testing

Unified Technologies provides full service Fiber Optic testing, verification, certification and repair. Today's higher data transmission rates require clean optics with less loss. With advanced equipment we are able to meter transmissions, calculate loss and pinpoint the source of any signal degredation. Our specialized tools even allow us to locate and repair mid line fractures in instances where the fiber is accessible.

Fiber Optic Solutions

    Unified Technologies provides complete fiber optics service. In a world where bandwidth counts, Fiber Optics are the answer. Utilized as a backbone for your high traffic network or to transmit data at speeds essential to the operation of critical equipment, Fiber optics is the next generation of physical connectivity. We have successfully deployed fiber optic solutions in a variety of environments both commercial and industrial. Let our specialists take the guesswork out of your next project by providing you with the necessary tools and information to make the right decision for your company’s growth.

Fiber Optic Connector Types



Single Mode / Multi Mode Fiber Optics

Multi-mode optical fiber is typically used for communication over short distances within a facility or campus. Typical links have data rates of 100MB to 100 GB depending on distance and core size. Because of its high capacity and reliability along with lower equipment cost multi mode is more frequently used for distances under 500 meters.

Single-mode optical fiber is designed to carry a single ray of light. It's smaller core and single ray results in less modal dispersion which facilitates communication over greater distances with higher fidelity.