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Whether it’s a Wi-Fi guest network for patrons to wireless connectivity for your entire sales force you'll get the same level of dedication and service from our wireless network specialists. There is no project to big or too small. Our clients range from boutique settings where form is as important as function to roof mount antennae capable of providing the bandwidth to support a growing corporation.

Wireless Solutions



 By using state of the art detection and mapping tools Unified Technologies can locate and log information from your existing wireless network in real time. We can then use this data to develope a comprehensive plan to ensure you're able to connect when and where you need to. We also have the ablitiy to map entire campuses both indoors and out to coordinate a complete solution.




    Our tools not only detect the precise location of your access points and signal strength but also accounts for capacity requirements, bottleneck & signal infterference. The reports generated deliver not only recorded data but also graphical visual maps that make achieving total balanced coverage a snap.


Advanced Solutions

Point to Point

An excellent solution for connecting two facilities or to a device where cabling is not an option. Point to point millimeter radio wave antennas can provide a line of site wireless high bandwidth link. With a far lower cost structure wave radio antennas can provide a reliable high capacity wireless backbone where line of sight can be achieved over distances up to 30 miles. Wireless back haul can also be used as a backup for communications and data infrastructure links in the event of a natural disaster.


Mesh Networks / Point to multi Point

Wireless mesh networks provide the versatility and stability to accommodate a constant high bandwidth link even when line of sight is obstructed. By employing self healing algorithms mesh networks use multiple nodes and routing to maintain a fully connected high bandwidth network even when line of site is obstructed.